Fact Checking and Bias

  • Media Bias/Fact Check — independent outlet that scores media sources on bias and levels of factual accuracy
  • Politifact — Pulitzer Prize winner, nonprofit website run by the Poynter Institute (school of journalism); focus on politics and politicians
  • FactCheck — nonprofit website run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center (University of Pennsylvania); focus on politics and politicians
  • Snopes — fact-checking website that looks at everything (not just politics), including urban legends, myths, rumor, folklore, and general misinformation
  • Additional fact-checking resources can be found on this page.

Print/Online News Sources

Below are a few sources to help you stay up to date with the news. There are, of course, many other reliable sources out there.

Note: After each source, I’ve included the rating that Media Bias / Fact Check gave that source.


Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with the news, as well as to learn about different topics that might interest you. The list below includes podcasts that touch on a variety of subjects. I have selected these for their ability to deliver information in “small, bite-sized” episodes and/or for their ability to deliver information in a more entertaining way. All of these podcast channels should be available in whatever podcast app you use.

Many of them are also published online, for listening in your web browser.

  • NPR News Now — five-minute episodes of the latest headlines [new episode every hour]
  • Up First (NPR) — ten-minute episodes of three top stories of the day [weekday mornings]
  • The Indicator from Planet Money (NPR) — twelve-minute episodes on different topics in economics, business, and the economy [weekdays]
  • Party Politics (Houston Public Media) — thirty-minute episodes covering the latest news in US and Texas politics; hosted by Prof. Brandon Rottinghaus (UH) and Prof. Jay Aiyer (TSU), sometimes joined by another person being interviewed [weekly]
  • More Perfect (Radiolab) — episodes of varying lengths that take a “deep dive” into important Supreme Court cases; they give the background of the case, the arguments, the rulings, and often include interviews with people involved in the cases [seasonal]
  • Throughline (NPR) — new podcast with episodes of varying lengths that examine different historical topics and how they have shaped our current society [weekly]
  • More to come!

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